In the early stages of aluminium production, factories cast molten aluminium into massive block weighing in at over 26 tonnes. These blocks are clad with undulating, organic textures that are a result of the casting process.
In the preparation of the blocks to be sent to other factories, the sides are cut off, leaving behind thin rough plates–known as “crusts”.
In a continuation of our exploration of industrial narratives, we use these crusts to create interior objects that reflect the unexpectedly raw backstory to an everyday material – aluminium. 

One Side Sawn - Collection 2024

All pieces are cut from a single sheet of salvaged aluminium sourced from a smelter, in such a way that every piece, every offcut, is used.

The design of the collection resulted from our own challenges when cutting the material in such a way that minimized the leftovers. We wondered if it would be possible to utilize the same principle of reusing offcuts in the designs themselves, whereby the cut of one object informed the next object’s form, and ultimately the entirety of a sheet is used. The result is a large adhoc puzzle of jagged cuts and an unusual composition of pieces that echo the brute and raw production of aluminium, a metal we take for granted as pristine. The pieces are designed to be easily packed, assembled, disassembled, and recycled.

We hope to see Crust not only as objects but also in a number of architectural and interior projects. We can supply the material in sheets of various thicknesses and up to six meters long. 

Collection 2022


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