FEB 11 - MAY 9 2021   
Grey Matter – New Materials for the Post-Fossil Era, CentroCentro, Madrid

MAY 23 2020 - AUG 8 2021
Critical Zones – Observatories for Earthly Politics, Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe

APR 9 - SEPT 12 2021   
Colors Etc, Le Tripostal, Lille

Studio ThusThat designs and makes with uncommon materials.
Right now we are exploring industrial wastes from mining and metallurgy.


Bauxite Residue

Bauxite Residue, a.k.a. Red Mud, is a byproduct residue of the alumina industry. More than two parts of red mud are produced for every part of aluminum. This means that over 150 million tonnes are produced each year, and left unused in giant pits. This project questions our notion of ‘waste’, and shows the value of secondary materials in a world of finite resources. Working with factories and research labs, the industrial residue is transformed into ceramic bodies and glazes. 

Studio ThusThat: Red Mud on Vimeo.